The Meisterstück shakers of the Josef Rainer Shakermanufaktur are solid pieces of the perfect handcraft of a brilliant German silversmith. Each piece is specially made for you. Of course, each shaker is unique, has its personal number and your initials. It is either made of pure sterling silver or – on special request – of gold. The Meisterstück fits on every standard boston-shaker glass.

This fine and exquisite piece of art lies comfortable in your hands and has a very special sound when being shaken. It creates the perfect temperature due to its velocity of flow and guarantees the typical antibacterial effects of silver and gold tested and proved by scientists.

Josef Rainer Shakermanufaktur

Klaus St. Rainer owns and runs the internationally renowned Goldende Bar in Munich, Germany. He is dedicated to creating the perfect cocktail and relies on classic tools and techniques, yet roams free in his choice of ingredients to develop new and fresh tastes.

In 2008, Klaus was translating the work of Jerry Thomas, whose persona and contribution to the institution of the bar as we know it today had great impact on him. Notably, Jerry Thomas worked with bar tools made of sterling silver and gold he himself had created. Klaus soon envisioned to own a perfect set of bartender’s tools designed and hand produced to his very needs and liking. It was essential to him that the set be made by hand and in his close vicinity. Klaus turned to a friend and former colleague cum fine arts smith to help design and produce this vision – his own sterling silver shaker for a traditional Boston-shaker glass.

After months of trial and error the duo found their working formula and was able recreate the result. Feedback from the community was overwhelmingly positive and Klaus decided to share the fruits of his labour with friends and colleagues he felt would make good use of his shaker. The duo has since opened up production to the general public and will produce each piece to order.

In the spirit of creating a complete suite of tools, the collection has since grown by the JR Meisterstück Spoon and the JR Meisterstück Cup.

For Klaus St. Rainer, manual work, love and family make the manufacturing process special, which demands a lot of handwork. It takes upwards of 2 days time to complete one single tool.

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